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Smitte inkjet printing with cutting  is a multi-function machine with printing and cutting garment patterns. It use general HP45 type ink cartridge, the ink head is disposable, no need special maintenance. Intelligent electronic spring cutter control system Knife moving accurate, cutting smooth, dedicated circuit and motor drive system, to ensure continuous operation stability. Large LCD screen, English control panel, real-time control, simple and accurate

Efficient :Using the soft ware to control the digital camera to take and preview the pictures ,automatic add all pictures to the software for post-processing .Using the digital cameras and scanners to take the pictures directly .Input all the pictures to the software to do the post processing
Accuracy :The unique features of the extraction supporting line smart pen tool with the unique intelligence absorption features graphics editing feature to ensure the accuracy
Visual interface :From the computer screen can check the difference between the original grament pieces and the compare
Compatibility :Directly generate the format file which compatible with our garment CAD software


Carmera input system

Vertical Plotter-Cutter Machine

Product Introduction

1. Easy connection with USB cable.

2. Printing Head technology so that easy and convenient to replace.

3. Compatible with most popular brands of Garment CAD software outputted HP-GL format files.

4. Servo motors ensure high speed and smooth working.

5. It works 3-5 times faster than traditional method.

Product Parameters




SpeedDouble inkjet 72㎡/h
Power SupplyAC220V(110V)/50HZ/60HZ±10%
Installation Area

2050x550x1060 / 2350x550x1060 / 2550x550x1060