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• Complete CAD/Costing Solution for the apparel and sewn goods industry.

• Focus on innovation and ease of use.

• Online and onsite support.

• Continuous R&D since 1997.

• Growing customer base in India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, China, Turkey, Africa and more.

Redtree Software Advantage:

We are offering free of cost our Automatic pattern generation module “Easy Style” where patterns Automatically generates pattern blocks for a range of styles by just entering measurements. This is a good starting point for getting costing averages quickly and reliably. This is a patented technology and isn’t available with any other competitors.

• Just enter measurement & pattern will be automatically generated in your computer screen.
• This is a good starting point for getting costing averages quickly and reliably
• It’s save your time & your productivity will be increase by using our CAD.
• Pattern shape very smooth, clear & accurate measurement come.
• Grading system is very fantastic just copy to excel sheet & paste in target point.
• Dart & Pleat making very easy, automatically extra fabrics is adding.
• Excellent Auto Nesting, Group marker, Shade marker, Check matching marker available.
• Automatically best DIA choose option also available.
• Just input GSM only output Kg/Doz consumption is coming automatically.
• Excellent mini marker report available in software.
• Cheap price & very much user friendly.

Design Sketches of garment styles or select from library.
Create a spec-sheet including instructions for sewing, labelling and more.
Transfer measurements from
“Eazy Design” module to the spec – sheet.

Perfect tool for merchandisers for costing and pricing individual orders.
Identify cost elements for each order.
Obtain inputs from respective departments with access controls.
Search library for similar styles from past and use past cost data for style on hand.
Prepare a final cost and price sheet for approval on the go through a Mobile App!
Save time and beat competition!

Export & Import CAD data thru standard dxf format. Plotting and cutting interfaces to support wide range of plotters, pattern cutters and CNC fabric cutters.