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Conveyor Table

Advantages of Conveyor fabric spreader table Cosma:

  • Perfect alignment on x (length) and y (width) of fabric
  • After moving to the cutting area, the operator no need to adjust the stack of spread fabric
  • Move the fabric more gently with just 1 button (while the air blowing table needs at least 2 people to pull)
  • The table top is made of solid wood, high quality MDF, 18mm thickness, manufactured according to modern technology, European standards.
  • Table frame made of high-grade aluminum helps prevent rust, oxidation, high durability
  • Table legs are made of iron, size 20x60cm x 2mm thickness.
  • The high of the table logs can be customized upon request.
  • All are powder coated to keep the table durable, not oxidized and safe to use, ensuring flatness, no scratches and water resistance.
  • Table width: working width from 180-240cm
  • Table Length : Available in 4,6,8 & 10 meters section
  • The Conveyor table moves continuously at a speed of 18m/min and can adjust the speed as desired.
  • The conveyor belt can be synchronized to the cutting machine and can be moved forward or reverse and is actuated by a control unit.
  • Table life up to 15 years
  • Guaranteed load above 600kg of automatic spreader or automatic cutter and weight over 300kg of fabric roll.

The benefits of using Conveyor fabric spreader table Cosma

  • Avoid the risk of affecting fabric quality:

When transporting materials by conveyor system without direct intervention of the operator.

  • Improve fabric quality: 

For fabrics with high elasticity, when processed through the conveyor belt, it will help the fabric avoid shrinkage affecting the fabric size, avoiding the risk of fabric tension when cutting, also the synchronization between the conveyor and the cutter helps the cutting process to quick and continuous. 

  • Perfect alignment: 

When using the automatic Cosma conveyor table, the fabric will not deviate from the original aligned margin when moving to the cutting stage.

  • Helps to improve work productivity

When using a Conveyor fabric spreader table Cosma with a super-flat surface, it is easy and accurate to perform fabric spreading and cutting. Workers will also no longer have to fiddle around, and spend a lot of time moving back and forth with wide sheets to align and perform fabric cutting. Besides, the conveyor technology will help the fabric transport process be lighter and faster. From there, the cutting room will save a lot of time, easily increase work productivity, and produce more aesthetically pleasing products.

  • Helps to save costs

When using automatic technology, fabric spreading and cutting takes place more quickly, helping businesses not need to arrange too many workers for the cutting stage, which will further reduce the cost of workers. ensure that the process runs smoothly. At the same time, with absolute precision in the process of spreading fabric, cutting fabric will help reduce the amount of discarded and defective fabric to the lowest level, thereby reducing the cost of enterprises’ fabric.

  • Cosma Conveyor Fabric Cutting Table has a long life

Cosma conveyor table uses a single PVC belt with a double side guide, a high-grade aluminum frame that does not rust, and a table with high-grade MDF international standard, durable, and has a lifespan of up to 15 years. At the same time, by using conveyors and direct drive motors with gears, the table is more durable and saves electricity during use. Factories can use the Cosma conveyor fabric cutting table for a long time without incurring any repair and maintenance fees.

Cosma Technology specializes in manufacturing Conveyor fabric spreader table products that meet international quality standards for companies in the garment industry around the world. With modern equipment, a professional production process, and a skilled technical team, Cosma has been bringing high-quality products, super durable life, on-time delivery, and reasonable price to customers.

Cosma’s automatic cutting room operation line improves production processes, operates smoothly and faster, eliminates downtime, controls product quality, and saves a lot of costs in the production process such as manpower, time, discarded fabric, and electricity, …. Solutions Cosma brings include Automatic cutting machineAutomatic fabric loadersAutomatic fabric spreading machineAutomatic labeling machine, and spreading tables used in sewing factories: Conveyor tableStandard TableAir blowing Table. And smart Cosma’s softwareCAD Solutionmarker making softwarepattern design softwareDigital Cutting Room SoftwareCut Planning Software COPS. They help that the data will be connected and linked between cut parts, so you can easily monitor and manage anywhere: the performance of machines, of workers, productivity, maintenance, down time production and the efficiency of the factory….

Improve your factory productivity today! We are ready to help you! With more than 20 years of experience in the garment industry, we will always accompany your business to develop the best, most suitable solutions, bringing the best benefits and efficiency.