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TKT Plotter Machine tDOT (Made in Spain)
  1. Specifications :
  2. Plotting Width :  180 CM/72 inch
  3. Marker Length: 500 m Unattended
  4. Plotting Speed : 150-200 sq meter/hr
  5. Dimension  : 1.17 m x 2.3 m x .7 m
  6. Feed of position  : Front floor loading
  7. Paper type : Recycled to bond
  8. Paper Position : Waist-label, off-loading from front
  9. Line Thickness : Thin, normal and thick
  10. Resolution : Best/draft at 600/300 dpi
  11. Ink Cartridge : HP 51645A
  12. No of Cartridge : 4head
  13. PC interface: USB+TCPIP
  14. Power Consumption : 100-260 VAC ,70W/80W
  15. Made in Spain
SKU: 654111995-1-1-2

TKT Plotter Machine TDOT

(Made in Spain)

The UWP (Ultra Wide Printer) DOT plotter series from tkt brain power includes the ultimate in inkjet technology electronics, software control and cutting-edge long-lasting distinguished European design.

Paper Output: Ultra light aluminum shaft (up to 200mm diameter) 2 Or free-paper-on-front delivery.

Easy & Quick : Rapid paper roll exchange system,Specifically designed for the present,Day market-to-manufacturing environment.

Outline: Reduced ink consumption compared With conventional systems, allaws inkjet head cleaning and parking using appropriate software ink level control-2.

High Precision Speed Printing: Two (2) or four (4) inkjet printing heads. Is ideal for dimensional control & cutting quality control. Ink Jet Cleaning & Parking zone 20 cm

CAD suitable systems : Assyst, Astor, Bullmer, Commtese, FK, Gerber, Inventex, Kuris, Lectra, Morgan, Novo Cad, Optitex, PAD, Pathfinder, PolyPattern, Rus Cad,Stylecad, Vetigraph, WEAR cadfè, more…