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Fabric Washing & Shrinking Machine
Fabric Washing & Shrinking Machine

Model: PGYL-WS-12M

Voltage: AC 380V 50Hz

Max. Roll Diameter: 50mm

Max. Fabric Width: 2000mm

Speed: 0-15m/min

Power: 14 kw

Dismension: 12470x2610x2210

Machine concept

Let the fabric pre-shrink effect reach 100%, save energy and reduce emissions, provide environmentally friendly textile finishing solutions


Machine advantage   

Fully soften the fabric, improve the shrinkage effect、the feeling of fabric & the quality of fabric

Squeeze the fabric guide roller and flatten the fabric guide roller to squeeze the cloth first and then flatten to simulate the traditional rubbing water washing 


Let the fabric pre-shrink effect reach 100%   

After a series of processes such as desizing, rubbing, ultrasonic cleaning, and water spraying, the fabric is thoroughly washed and then dried


Reduce time and labor costs

After using this machine ,the fabric can be used directly in next step,which greatly simplifies the fabric finishing processing process.


Realize energy saving and emission reduction, green textile manufacturing concept

When the fabric is washed in the scrubbing water tank, some water will be taken away due to the water absorption of the fabric,  the water of the sprinkler assembly

will fall into the water tank in the meantime, and the water will be continuously replenished into the scrubbing water tank, thereby forming a water cycle and no direct

discharge of wastewater.


Machine structure introduction

This Washing and Shrinking Machine includes water washing area, hot air drying area, steam area, heating tube drying area and cooling area

The washing area includes a scrubbing section and a water spraying section

The scrubbing section is provided with a scrubbing water tank and a fabric guide roller group

The scrubbing water tank is divided into a desizing area and an ultrasonic cleaning area

The ultrasonic cleaning area is provided with an ultrasonic cleaning device,there are a water tank and a shower head assembly

The shower head assembly is used to rinse the fabric, the water tank is used to store the water dropped by washing the fabric, and the water tank connects with the scrubbing water tank


Suitable For

Knit,  Woven, elastic fabric and other general fabric