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Fabric Relaxing Maching
  1. Accurate length & width recording2.
  2. Synchronized consistent data, digital report display
  3. Active twin unwinding, tensionless feeding
  4. Consistent roll output with accurate edge control
  5. Lazy loop hanging for natural state restoring
  6. Air flowing zone for fabric blowing


Suitable for Elastomeric and Lycra fabrics and Denim Fabric

RH-C01-VI is mainly used to release the tension of knit fabrics, especially for garment factories. This machine is
with lazy loom and air flotation for fabric relaxation. You can enjoy totally relaxing with accurate length counting
and fabric edges.

24 Hours Time Saving!

  • Direct to Cutting Section!
  • Immediate 100% Tension Release!
  • Roll-to-Roll Relaxing
  • 100%Tension Relaxing
  • Real-time Width Measurement

Technical Features:

1. Infinite speed adjustment for rolling
2. Imported photoelectric, special-purpose controller for auto-tracing alignment
3. Top-advanced electronic counter in China for fabric length-measurement (can adjust, fix and totalize
the length of fabric in meter and yard as well as display the speed of inspecting and rolling)
4. Freely adjustment of fabric tightness by roller speed differ entail device, a pioneering
innovation of its kind in China
5. Imported width-expanded set for open and flat fabric pleasing to the eye
6. The fabrics can be rolling forward and backward freely
7. The machine also can choose optional parts as horizental cutter, weight device etc.
8. Easy operation and good quality
9. Magnetic powder controls the tension to ensure that the tension of the cloth is adjustable
10. The tension-free system ensures that the feeding and rewinding of the fabric is carried out
in a tension-free state
11. The roll cloth countertop can adopts a customized hollow blower design to make the fabric more
smooth and comfortable as optional
12. The control box is located on the table of the machine, which is convenient to operate and easy to control






Fabric Width




Roll Diameter at Inlet


Roll Diameter at Outlet


Standard Roll Weight


Speed of Rolling


Edge-Aligning error for rolljing

≤8 mm

Max. error for fabric length counting


Dimensions (LxWxH)

265x235x120 cm

Machine Weight

900 kg


AC 380V/50Hz, 3 Phase